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Blue Tanzanite engagement ring from Zales
Photo: ZALES

Deep Blue Stone

Gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are giving the diamond a run for it's money with their stunning designs, but just because you want to add some color doesn't mean that you can't have a popular ring setting. This colorful engagement ring allows you to have the best of both worlds: the popular cushion setting with a Tanzanite gem. ($1,299; Zales)

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Tiffany yellow diamond engagement ring with pear-shaped stone and diamond halo
Photo: TIFFANY & CO.


With this bright yellow ring, it'll be nearly impossible to not feel like Beyonce on your special day. This classically elegant ring with a tear-drop shaped diamond surrounded by a row of white diamonds will have you feeling flawless. (From $10,700 without wedding band; Tiffany & Co.)

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Pop Some Champagne

Champagne isn't just for drinking, it's eye candy for your finger too. With a cushion stone shape and rose gold band with small dining detailing, what's not to love? ($1,599; Helzberg Diamonds)

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Gemvara round cut emerald engagement ring

Green With Envy

An emerald stone symbolizes love and new beginnings, making it the perfect stone for when you say "I do." The round cut and split setting give this ring a classic look. ($5,885; Gemvara)

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Pretty In Pink

You're sure to feel girly and full of romance when your fiance slips this ring on your finger. Five large stones, gorgeous pink color, and a simple band that enhances the stones intricate design. Check, check and check. ($6,925; Anna Sheffield)

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Just a Pop

If you're not completely sold on colorful engagement rings, opt for a ring that incorporates color. While the center diamond is the main attraction of this ring, the three pink stones on either side add a hint of color, giving you the best of both worlds. ($1,985; Rosados Box)

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Vintage ruby and gold engagement ring

Ruby Red

This ring is perfect for a bride with a love for all things vintage. It's a one of a kind look that transcends time. ($960; Blue Nile)

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Tiffany & Co. amethyst and gold engagement ring
Photo: TIFFANY & CO.

Perfect Match

Truly one of a kind, your friends and family will see this 5.7 carat Amethyst stone from a mile away. Paired with a simple gold band, makes this stone and ring setting a match made in heaven. ($1,650; Tiffany & Co.)

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Perfectly Imperfect

What makes this ring perfect is that it's a little imperfect. The large blue stone is trimmed in diamonds, exuding glamour. ($905; Meira T)

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Multi-colored engagement ring from Tiffany & Co.
Photo: TIFFANY & CO.


Why limit yourself to just one color? This ring makes sure you don't have to. ($4,500; Tiffany & Co.)

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Leibish black diamond engagement ring with a gold band

Black Magic

Black probably isn't what you think of when browsing for colorful engagement rings. But there's just something about this ring that makes it sexy and sleek. It's unconventional and unexpected, but it works. ($3,950; Leibish)

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Opal engagement ring
Photo: ETSY

Opal Dreams

Opal gems are great because they don't just stick to one color. The mix of blues, grays and white will have you feeling like you're wearing a beautiful cloud on your finger. ($1,550; Capucinne)